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The story so far…

February 24, 2010

So, I’ve been saying to myself since last November, “Must set up a blog, must set up a blog”. Well, it’s only taken me four months to pull my finger out! Training started back in November after a horrendously unsuccessful 10k run for Cancer Research – I realised that I’d have a lot of work to do if I wanted to get myself “Marathon fit” by 25th April. Well, for all my good intentions, work got in the way and one morning, way back at the beginning of January, I woke up in a cold sweat – I’d just dreamt that I was late for the Marathon and as punishment I was being chased around town by a giant banana on a unicycle! Not sure what it all meant but I what I did know was that training needed to begin quick smart!

So, what have you missed? Well, there was the day I discovered running’s most flattering garment, the running tight – trying to squeeze my hulking frame into an alluring spandex creation, meant only for those who live on a diet of cucumber and water, required a team of six and a shoe horn – suffice it to say, I didn’t revisit the “elephant’s leg in a pressure stocking” look.

Then there was the day I discovered “hi viz” running gear, I purchased myself the finest luminous yellow tabard (yes, a tabard) I could get my hands on and proudly sported it on one of my many runs – now consigned to the clothes graveyard at the back of my wardrobe, it clashed too much with the attractive beetroot hue my face seems to develop every time I take a run.

You also missed the excitement of the day I convinced myself that the Predator was chasing me on one of my regular runs through the woods; turned out to be a woodpecker, which was slightly disappointing.

Neither could I share with you the delight on the faces of onlookers as I experimented outdoors with my running style: wide-legged, crazy-faced stomp, smiley-faced, slightly deranged-looking dainty trot, out and out mental lunatic, heavy-footed trample – still haven’t decided.

I think you’re up to date with it all now, though I did fail to mention the time I ran eight miles in broad daylight wearing skin-tight kit that was entirely, and quite obviously, inside out.

So, there we go, I guess I’ll be dropping by a few times a week to tell you how I’m getting on. Hope you can join me on my journey!